Thinking of becoming a coach?

Telford chin woo offers a Coach Education program through our National Governing Body The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts.

You will need to be dedicated and reliable and available to offer your time for practical and theory training as well as exams.


What people want from the course;

  • Have a well paid career
  • Gain Legal qualifications recognised by Public Liability Insurance Companies , Council, Schools, Sport England etc.
  • Improve their knowledge of martial arts, coaching etc.
  • Improve self esteem and communication skills
  • Learn correct coaching procedures
  • Obtain skills that can be used anywhere


What the course covers:

  • Code of ethics for coaches
  • The Role of the Coach/responsibility
  • Prevention of accidents
  • Checklist for venues on Health & Safety
    Reporting and recording Accidents
  • Following Emergency Procedures
  • Compiling student data
  • Coaching philosophy
  • Personal standards
  • Identifying errors and provide positive feedback
  • Preparing students for training
  • The purpose of a warm up and cool down
  • Stretching guidelines
  • Muscles and movement
  • The skeletal muscles of the body
  • How muscles work
  • Muscle contractions need energy
  • The creatine phosphate system
  • The lactic acid system
  • Oxygen debt
  • The aerobic system
  • Muscle speed
  • Data collection & analysis
  • Coaching Plans
  • Protection of children from abuse
  • Children Act 1989, Child protection procedures
  • Designated person
  • Physical neglect; lack of physical care
  • Emotional or psychological maltreatment 30
  • Types of abuse, Physical abuse & Sexual abuse;  within and outside the family
  • Recognition of abuse
  • Responding to suspicions or allegations
  • How to record information
  • Allegations against an association head
  • Allegations of previous sexual abuse
  • Promotion of good working practice
  • Coaching children, respond to a child
  • Special needs students
  • Reference and acknowledgements
  • Data protection Act 1984. 




The aim of the coaching course is to evaluate, monitor, and develop a coach education programme which will highlight all the aspects that coaches will need know to teach to a high safe standard.

The aims are to:-

  • Increase the number of qualified coaches involved in Chinese Martial Arts
  • To achieve high quality coaching and provide the knowledge to enable them to plan the lessons according to the needs, ability and goals of their students.
  • Monitor and evaluate the changing needs of the sport, the coaches and the participants
  • Provide coaches with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Ensure employment of coaches
  • health and safety , safe practice of all participants
  • To provide a high standard of customer service and support mechanisms


  • The Syllabus and BCCMA qualifications are reviewed every 5 years or sooner if needed
  • Resource materials for coaches
  • TCW and affiliated bodies will be both active in providing courses and support materials to meet the demands of the coaches and participants
  • TCW will set a coaching licensing scheme. Every 5 years or earlier coaches will need to update their skills, legal situations and knowledge. To ensure duty of care.