A teacher a school was talking about chin woo not really understood what you guys do and I said it's an amazing club for kids gives them confidence and knowledge too really is amazing x

 sam brothwood ruby georgia



It was fantastic as Ruby stressing over her new class at school and had been in tears before chin woo so to see her see happy and good at it was fantastic x You guys do a fab job x ruby georgia brothwood06.09.2017



Mark loves this class and it's really good for his anger aswell I'm glad he wanted to start it now he's gonna work so hard now to get the next colour belt  thank u Lisa Mark and Nikki xxx 17.07.2017


Alex at his chin woo session today, after just 5 weeks I've noticed an improvement in his coordination #chinwoo #telford #kungfu #selfdefence 17.07.2017


Well done today guys on all your gradings, great to watch, and some really good sparring ...
Good luck to Holly and Josh on their way to becoming black-belts...reminded me today of my first ever tournament fight, only a bit older than josh... was against a lad about a foot-taller than me, with a far-longer arm and leg reach....about 2 minutes in, he was 2 points ahead of me, and no matter what I tried, I couldn't land a punch or kick on him...tiredness, frustration and a little desperation started to creep in, and then the tears came....not through being scared of him, or any kind of fear of my opponent , but purely through frustration... the thought of letting those around me down....not having the energy to continue... I'd tried everything to hit the guy, trying to land a punch on him, but couldn't manage it..... 
It's always stayed with me, and seeing the same today reminded me that it's not a sign of weakness,  or fear, but the fact that you will give your all, and will push yourself past your own boundaries. ....something that will make you a stronger, better person.....Well Done Guys... stuart shelley (taylors dad) 02.07.2017



Thank you for making me apart of the team today... I'm genuinely humbled by the whole experience! Well done to you and mark for today, it all ran as clockwork x Sanshou grading 02.07.2017 nikki lane


grading Sanshou -lisa...you shoud be proud, i am. We certainly am and it's down to great training sessions that prepare them for this moment thank you x tasha stirling on behalf of hunny 02.07.2017



Thank you to you and Mark for all your support and training Josh and us really appreciate all you do and your time as well. Can you also thank the other coaches as well.xxxxx josh luke 02.07.2017


Plz thank all coaches for their support with Holly today, that's why she's stayed all this time hard work, commitment by all. Amazing megan ran with them hats off to you all. X sarah halford 02.07.2017


TCW is worth every penny.... he's come on leaps and bounds over the past year. School have noticed a dramatic change too. Gemma Marchant Bens mum 29.03.2017


Kayde really enjoys it, Jayden as you get to know him won't say much but he had a smile on his face when I saw him! katie poole 17.03.2017


So proud! I can't believe how much he has improved since Christmas! Amazing. The extra sessions are really paying off! gemma ben marchant 05.03.2017


I can't praise this club enough, friendly coaches and volunteers support the students all the way, all helping and cheering each other on to achieve their goals. in 7 months Izzie has achieved her 3rd belt this morning  ️ anna bliss 05.03.2017


Thank you :D I love Telford chin woo I didn't even set alarm this morning because I didn't care if I woke up. Now I feel really positive again and it's because of the club so thank you :D Aimee


18.02.2017 Aimee feedback helpin randlay grading -When a kid said to me "thank you for helping me get this far" I was nearly crying. I don't normally feel like anything as a person and this helped A LOT. So thank you for everyone at Telford Chin woo


03.02.17 This week a girl in telford was nearly kidnapped. - this made me think back to last Saturday's class and the moves you were doing with Izzie. Thank you for helping to prepare her for defence against things like this. Priceless -.izzie mum



03.02.2017 A massive benefit of stretching 6 times a week has been the massive increase in flexibility, still in daily pain however my range of movement isn't half as restricted... 
Whilst gaining strength my joints don't feel so compressed thus reducing the "referred pain" I have dealt with for 6 years. Posture and gait impacting centre of alignment which is no longer 17% "to the left" im feeling extremely positive about all this coaching,thank you so much for everying lisa. You are a tryly wonderful person I feel so honoued to know you and be part of TCW. You have helped me discover strengths I didn’t even know I possessed. From the bottom of my heart, blessed be. nikki

Would I recommend Tai Chi as an alternative to medication and an artistic therapy... Yep!!!n

She loves classes it's do nice as a parent she looks forward to going and would be unable to do so without all your help lifts. Much appreciated xx – Holly Halford mum  20.12.2016


Now the fun begins... Tying together all the lose ends over Christmas, completing what all the hard work has been for, the future plan! What a year... 2016 has been both challenging and rewarding. Hard work, determination, persistence and motivation has most definately paid off..  this week is all about unwinding cause "that's a wrap" excuse the pun haha... Thank you to each and every person who has been apart of that journey, the support and encouragement I have received has been so overwhelming. Between art workshops, dance fitness training, assistant coaching, training in Chinese martial arts, a few other short courses and maintaining focus its fair to say I'm overcoming a few barriers... 

I always thought artist as in draws and paints, I never dreamed that being alone with my own mind would lead to depression, but it did. It knocked on to Fibro.

Martial arts, who'd have thunk that would be the very thing to tick all the boxes, eleviate pain and ground me and my mind in the present moment. Oxymoronic journey of life hey...Next years all about the fusion. Nikki Lane 19.12.2016


23.12.16  – thank ou for all your hard work in tcw. You are doing such a great job.Eva



Dec 2016 Feeling the positive effects of doing more Chinwoo & spending time with friends. Slept well for two nights straight. Aimee 


November 2016 -must say, since joining TCW he's come on leaps and bounds, especially  in his confidence, balance, hand eye coordination etc so it's worth every penny ?


November 2016 They are brilliant,  my son goes there and I'm over the moon how well he is doing.  He Enjoys every minute of it.  The whole team is so supportive and youngsters they get so much boost in confidence... They also play games at the end of the session so all good with kids. Gemma 


24.06.2016 Ok thanks Lisa much appreciated and all you do help her x sarah re holly re black belt


14.5.2016 Molly is STILL talking about it & is looking forward to another one of these! Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much more confident she's becoming through doing this. I'm seeing so many improvements in not only her confidence, but her balance & co-ordination are greatly improved. We still laugh that she can't catch a ball or ride a bike, but who cares about that when she's learning how to do roundhouse kicks & a forward roll...?! I would like to thank all of you for your amazing patience with Molly...I truly appreciate it xx


11.5.2016 Nikki  ( work experience) Supported Kung Fu and San Shou classes this evening, had a go... Surprised myself and I Loved it!!! strengthening my core is most definately paying off!!!


13.01.2016 Gail - molly mum -   I'm just so amazed at how much it's helped her co-ordination. Others may not see it, but close friends & family have all noticed. I think sparring could help with her reactions, so it would be good to get her started x


13.01.16 - Craig - Great night lisa thanks Kelsey really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed getting back into the groove albeit im out of shape!!!


07.12.15 -Molly is Dyspraxic (or DCD) Lisa, & I've noticed an improvement in her motor skills since coming along to classes and she loves it too


14.11.15 - Jenny speacial needs teacher abraham darby disability group 10 weeks course- You are a fantastic coach. I cant believe you have got children to join in who never normally join. And you managed to get Jamie to stay 3 weeks running when he normally goes home. Look forward to the next 7 sessions.


12.07.15 Hi Lisa. Ben has been beaming since he came home from his grading. Thank you for helping him achieve that. I wanted to buy him a book that would explain the grading system in kung fu ie order of the belts etc. Is there any you recommend? I had a quick look on amazon but there's so many different ones it's hard to know what would be good. 


03.03.2015 - Hi Lisa, I just wanted to write to you to thank you for the warm welcome Lynn gave me to myself and Joe Lockley when we visited Telford Chin Woo at Stirchley Recreation Centre as part of the 2015 Awards.  I also wanted you to know that I was really impressed with Lynn’s passion for the activity and the care and attention that you clearly put into providing it for children and young people in Telford & Wrekin. At Energize this is something we try to encourage amongst all providers of sport and physical activity through our wealth of knowledge and experience across the sector.  And if you feel there is something you need some local support with I hope you would know we are here to help?  I have copied in Harry Cade as we discussed connecting with the school sector and maybe a future Shropshire Homes School Sport Festival to promote your activity?  I’ll leave it to you and Harry to get in touch as and when you see appropriate. Chris Child FCIMSPA (chartered), Chief Executive.


20.02.15 - Please thank your committee for their decision with helping with membership payment and lesso.Hol enjoyed san shou with Dan please pass this on.Holly mum


20.02.15  -Alexander loves going to Kung Fu - his confidence has improved so much over the last 5 months and especially since doing a grading. He used to be involved in a different sport but we found it unhealthily competitive and it was slowly eroding his enthusiasm and confidence. He has since transformed and can't wait for his Kung fu sessions - he often practises at home and does it for pleasure! He is so well supported and encouraged at Telford Chin Woo - who knows how far he could go?!


18th Feb 2015 -TCW has helped me enormously by helping me to re-train in a career which I love but which fits around my role as a carer. As I need to work flexible hours that fit in around my caring role, TCW supports me in doing this offering me a break from my caring responsibilities with a rewarding career full of interesting opportunities. As Lisa Grant has experience of previously being a carer, she has an insight into the demands this role creates and is therefore a sympathetic colleague/chairperson. Lynn Phillips-Smith, Lead Coach


JAN 2015 - The coach was great with the girls and obviously knows what he is doing. The girls really enjoyed themselves and he pitched it at the right level for them. I will definitely like him to come back next year. Rachel Sadd, Shrewsbury School