First club in Telford to be Awarded CLUBMARK, SPORT ENGLAND & WINNER of BCA and Active Workplace 2016!!





Telford Chin Woo is a non-for-profit Community Amateur Sports Club, providing free and part-funded activities to those living in Shropshire.  Lead coaches are qualified, DBS, first aid, child protection, and fully insured. All our coaches follow a program of safe training.  We are affiliated to National Governing Body The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts, official NBG recognised by Sport England. 



Telford Chin Woo is an official UK representative of

Master Teng's Northern Shaolin Chin Woo Wushu Centre. 




Video by Sported on behalf of Sport England Club Matters which showcases diversity and an example of good practice in Sports Sector. Please see link:





"It is our aim to educate people on the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle through Sport. It is our ethos that sessions should be for all, regardless of age, ability, race or gender. Volunteers fund raise to enable people from all walks of life to take part in activities".







  • Multi-Sport & Fitness
  • Gymnastics Wushu Flag Dance
  • KungFu Self-Defence
  • SanShou Chinese Boxing
  • Chinese Lion Dance & percussion
  • Yoga, health, scretch & relaxation 
  • Coach Education Program/Careers in TV/Film work
  • Demonstrations, Seminars, Fun Days & Competitions
  • Training in the Far East, DVDs, books & Specialist equipment
  • Mindful Movement - 45mins of gentle movement, stretch & Breathing teachniques,                                                                                  followed by 15mins of 8 step Tai Chi routine.
  • Combat 2 Health - warm up, stretch, circuits, games, boxing, plyometrics, bag work, pad work,                                                                skipping and relay races, etc.
  • Boxing




1. Chin Woo concept of Man: To achieve all around ability through moral, intellectual, and physical training
2. Chin Woo concept of Character : Respect for others and self-respect through justice and integrity

3. Chin Woo concept of Caring: Humanity and equality through honesty and frankness
4. Chin Woo concept of Words and Deeds: A person's dealings are judged by his words and deeds
5. Chin Woo concept of Trustworthiness: To keep every pledge and promise
6. Chin Woo concept of Punctuality: To be punctual in appointment with no apology
7. Chin Woo concept of Justice: To uphold justice impartially
8. Chin Woo concept of Service: To render service with honor
9. Chin Woo concept of Welfare: To give and not to take
10. Chin Woo concept of Fraternity: To love others as you love yourself and your own family



WISDOM:                 Man of Wisdom cannot be misled
BENEVOLANCE:     Man of Benevolence has no worry
COURAGE:              Man of Courage has no fear




Respect, discipline, how to cope with bullies & stress, reduce aggression, better sleeping patterns/concentration, be part of a team/socialization, keep off the streets, give parents and siblings respite, maintain balance of body & mind, flexibility, core strength, co-ordination, self-esteem, as well as learning self-defence, keeping fit & healthy. Through their training, we teach each student to have confidence their ability, which will stay with them, not only in their training, but other areas of their life, such as future interviews/partners/life skills and help them to take control of their life.