Meet the Team


CHAIRPERSON - Lisa Smith founded the club in 2010. With over 35 years experience in Chinese Martial Arts, Lisa Smith started a two year Apprenticeship in 2002, became an Assistant Coach in 2004, qualified as Lead Coach in 2007 and was awarded Master, Grade 5 in 2012 and Club Coach Level 2 through BCCMA in 2013. She qualified in UKCC levels in General gymnastics with British Gymnastics in 2018 and has qualifications in self defence with Stand2, Kapap, MCQC, YMCA Fitness Instructor. She performed for the Queens' Golden Jubilee in 2002 and Diamond Jublilee 2012. She gained first place in forms at 2nd Chin Woo Championships, silver and bronze international, and bronze national championships, as well as ISKA National Champion 2014. Lisa is a volunteer Judge for WAKO, ISKA and KWON. Lisa is also the Head Coach, delivers the coaches education program and is an experienced funding officer/bid writer. 

SECRETARY - Laura Fenter joined the club in March 2024. She is also doing also some admin for the club to aid the clubs expansion. She is currently learning how to do fund raising and is supporting with our marketing campaign. She is all about family and animals. She has a disability and is neurodivergent so is a keen believer in our ethos "sport for all". 

TREASURER  - Sian Rowley joined the club in January 2022.  She has a keen interest in health and wellbeing and has assisted with some fund raising for the club.  

FINANCE (Support) - Eva Loader has been supporting the club with accounts advice and admin since 2016. She also set up our website and has been assisting with marketing to gain new students, following the pandemic where we saw all our schools closed. She was our treasurer for a couple of years but stepped down due to personal reasons. She now offers her advice to support the Treasurer. 

PLANNING - Mark Smith joined the club in 2016 following his wife Lisa Smith, Head Coach having surgery and being unable to teach. Mark was a qualified sports leader and semi-professional boxer, so learning the syllabus came naturally. He is now a qualified lead coach and supports the clubs' planning and development. He has volunteered closely with the admin team to adapt the club syllabus and created a new matrix system so each week students are learning a new skill. He has helped to plan protocols for competitions, gradings, after school clubs, holiday clubs and community work. He fund raises with the club and even got some grants for a couple of projects. 

IT SUPPORT - Chris Fenter joined the club in March 2024 to support with IT. He also has skills with design, so will be supporting our admin and marketing campaign. 

SAFE GUARDING OFFICER - Sally Jackson joined the club in 2018. She is QTS qualified. A teaching assistant in secondary schools and Child Protection Officer. She qualified as a lead coach Level 2 with BCCMA in 2020 and did her Level 2 refresher with BCCMA in 2024. She now runs her own classes include little lions 4-7. All four of her children take part in classes and during the pandemic the whole family lead our online training, providing free activity for the community, teaching our students the syllabus and setting challenges for mental and physical health. 

FUND RAISING OFFICER - Dianne Wootten joined our club in 2020. Both her children train with the club and she enjoys helping the community. She organised our end of year raffle, bag packing and supported our sponsored walk up the wrekin. She has recently had training on bid writing and is working on grant applications to support the club. 






BORIS DEACON - ASSISTANT COACH - Boz  joined our club in June 2021. He then became a student mentor helping in class and working towards his black belt in June 2024. He is now a qualified assistant coach with BCCMA and is teaching under the supervision of lead coaches. 

ELLA NORGROVE - ASSISTANT COACH - Ella joined our club in March 2017 at after school club. She then joined our mainstream sessions and worked her way up to black belt. She is a student mentor. She has supported in fund raising activities and sessions out in the community. She qualified as an assistant coach in 2024 and is now helping in classes. 

ADAM HARTLEY - SUPPORT Adam joined our Tai Chi Mindful movement group in 2017. He then helped out at after school club. He took a break to pursue theatre and in 2024 has re-joined to work towards his assitant coach qualification and help in mainstream session and after school club. 

JAMES HACKETT -  LEAD COACH James is a contracted lead coach from BMMA. He is also Level 2 Lead Coach Qualified with BCCMA. He joined our club wanting to gain experience as a coach. He now runs some of our after school club. He is also qualified self defence instructor with MCQC in 2024. We are a firm believer in cross-training and synergy with other clubs. 

TAMARA HACKETT - ADMIN Tamara offered her admin skills as a volunteer in 2024, following supporting our club with her son James since 2020. 

JOSH LUKE - BLACK BELT  Josh joined our club in 2010 at after school club. He then joined our mainstream sessions and worked his way up to junior black belt. He a student mentor and our longest standing student.